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Questions & Answers

The idea?

Not many people knew about algae, and it was very complicated to make food out of them. But as we were entrepreneurs-dreamers, we decided to take action and create the company with friends in 2013.
From a simple idea, we have become a food science company that harnesses the great potential of algae to create both ingredients and foods that are good for people and the planet.

Where do the algae come from?

Our algae come from clean, sustainably cultivated oceanic or marine sources, located in the four corners of the globe.

Do you have an IP or something like that?

Of course we do! XX patents have been filed. We are developing to accelerate our R&D process in 2020.

Where are you based?

Mainly in the Paris region. We also have access to shared facilities in other regions of France, and we have a very efficient business office in New York!

Are you independent from big food corporations?

Yes, we are. But part of our business is linked to them. We do business directly with some of them by selling our magic ingredients, and indirectly because our product joint ventures have distribution agreements with mass market retailers.

Where can I buy your innovation?

That depends on where you are right now! For now, you can buy The Good Spoon Mayo @Carrefour, @Casino Group (Franprix and Monoprix) in France. We will soon unveil all the points of sale we have for all our other amazing products.

If I have a business, what can we do together?

Make the world a better place!

Frankly ?

  • - Make a 100% vegan product range
  • - co-develop an innovation
  • - co-brand a product from our catalogue!
  • - (acquire technologies from our labs … )

Can I invest?

At the beginning of Algama, we raised money from fools, friends and family members, then from business angels and now with leading venture capital funds such as Horizons ventures, Blue Horizon and impact investors (Beyond impact, CPT Capital ...).
Although we do not currently accept individual investments, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about the company and the fundraising status of its joint venture.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can support our mission to create a sustainable and tastier plant-based food system: by following us on social media such as Facebook, Insta and youtube, by telling your friends about the food potential of algae, or even by joining our team. If you are interested in becoming an Algamate, visit our Careers @Welcome to the Jungle page and discover our job opportunities.

What do you know about the environmental benefits of algae-based ingredients?

Several independent researchers in France and around the world have published analyses of the life cycle of algae and have generally had very encouraging results.
We believe that at scale, Although it is too early to know the precise ecological footprint of all our algae-based ingredients, we believe they will bring significant benefits to our planet Earth.